Bio Bizz Acti·Vera


Bio Bizz have created a new product to complement their fully Organic range Acti·Vera. Designed to increase plant metabolism and boost the immune system Acti·Vera will increase the uptake of nutrients and increase resistance to pest and environmental stresses.

As with all Bio Bizz organic nutrients Acti·Vera helps to encourage beneficial bacteria in the root zone creating optimum conditions for roots to thrive.

Acti·Vera was created over time by testing what ratio of specific ingredients works best when added to the base ingredient Aloe Vera. We all know the benefits Aloe Vera has on humans but Bio Bizz have found it activates the immune system while increasing the metabolic rate and nutrient absorption. It will break down excess sugars and is 100% vegan.

Key Benefits

  • can be used on a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants
  • will increase vigour and growth rates
  • contains a mix of Enzymes to break down dead material
  • increases plant resistance to pests and diseases
  • improves seed germination rate
  • can be used in any medium
  • helps to create an optimum root zone
  • can be used as a foliar spray
  • totally organic and 100% vegan

How and When to use

Acti·Vera can be used to compliment the rest of the Bio Bizz range or can be added to any Organic schedule that isn't already using an Enzyme based product. Use throughout the growth and bloom stages at a rate of 2ml - 5ml per litre of water. 

Available Options

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