Devon Hills Coco A+B

  • Devon Hills Coco A+B

Devon Hills Coco A+B is one of the most popular base feeds in the shop. This is due to the specific soft water formula based on local water samples which helps to improve all aspects of plants grown in soft water areas. This product has all the essential minerals in the correct ratio to maximise plant growth at all stages. 

Coco A+B has elevated levels of calcium, magnesium and trace elements making Devon Hills Coco and more stable base feed when used in soft water areas. When compared to other base nutrients you will notice when mixed the pH  is at a more suitable and stable level resulting in a healthier more vigorous plant.

The price also helps, as we are able to bypass the wholesalers and buy direct from the manufacturer this keeps the cost to a minimum.

Key Benefits:

  • UK manufactured
  • developed for soft water areas based on local water samples
  • creates a more stable pH
  • no oily residue
  • raised magnesium and calcium levels
  • contains trace elements to help cover deficiencies 
  • to be used throughout veg and flower
  • cost effective

When to Use:

Coco A+B is to be used at all stages throughout veg and flower in soft water areas.

How to Use:

Always mix equal quantities of A and B every time you feed your plants. For example if you are mixing 2ml per litre of A you must also mix 2ml per litre of B. Do not mix neat A+B as they will react together.

As a precaution always add less than you think until you are familiar with the product as its easier to add more when needed than it is to remove excess nutrients. Mix any additives at recommended dosage. As a guide 3ml of Coco A+B will give you an EC around of 1.6 and a pH of around 6 when added to plain water.

Add Coco A+B using equal quantities until the desired EC is reached. Always check and adjust the pH after you have added all base feeds and additives.

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