Devon Hills Enzyme

  • Devon Hills Enzyme

Devon Hills Enzyme will greatly increase a plants metabolic rate while increasing resistance to stress and disease. Enzymes also help break down dead organic matter which is then available to the plant. It creates optimum conditions for roots and beneficial bacteria to flourish.

What Are Enzymes For: 

The main structure of a plants roots cells are cellulosic components. Cellulose can take a long time to break down so using Enzymes greatly speed up the whole process of converting cellulose into available sugars.

Coenzymes help Enzymes to catalyse a chemical reaction. Without Enzymes plants will not utilise the available minerals to optimum levels.

Key Benefits:

  • increase resistance to disease and plant stress
  • optimises availability of minerals
  • can be used when overfeeding has occurred
  • helps to prevent root diseases
  • can be used in any medium
  • maintains a healthy root zone
  • safe to use with hydrogen peroxide
  • UK manufactured 

How And When To Use:

For optimum results dilute at a rate of 1ml-2ml per litre and use throughout the plants cycle. It an be used with any growing medium or hydroponic system. Enzyme can be used incase of overdose or as a soak if re-using medium.

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