Devon Hills Boost

  • Devon Hills Boost

To get the most out of your crop the use of flowering stimulators is essential. Devon Hills Boost will enhance the production of sugars and oils resulting in a larger tastier crop. 

Devon Hills Boost will also help to speed up the metabolism of fruiting plants and strengthen the immune system.

Boost contains a complex mix of bio-stimulants and naturally occurring compounds for increased flower development.

Key Benefits:

  • increased sugar development
  • increased oil development
  • strengthens immune system
  • increased yield
  • speeds up metabolism
  • UK manufactured

When to use:

For use during the flowering stage and can be used in any medium. Use for the last six weeks of flowering, stop when flushing.

How to use:

Always shake bottle first. Using a pipette squeeze out the required amount and add to mix. For use alongside PK boosters like Devon Hills PK1314. Try to avoid using a PK booster that has very high levels of sulphur.


When adding to your reservoir mix at a rate of 2ml per litre. In optimum conditions where plants are thriving 4ml per litre can be added.

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