Devon Hills CalMag

  • Devon Hills CalMag

Devon Hills CalMag supplement should be used to increase levels of Calcium and Magnesium in your nutrient solution when a deficiency is noticed and to increase flowering potential. Regular use will ensure your crop will benefit from the additional minerals exactly when needed.

Some base feeds don't have a hard and soft water version so when using these feeds in a soft water area means the use of CalMag is essential to help towards a more stable pH and to balance out the base feed making it a more suitable nutrient.

When using a soft water base feed in a soft water area the use of CalMag will help to increase nutrient uptake and cover any deficiencies and contribute towards a heavier harvest. A flowering plant can easily use up the CalMag provided in base feeds so when added to your schedule CalMag will cover the extra requirements a flowering plant has and in turn will help towards a bigger crop.

Devon Hills CalMag also contains Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and Trace Elements.

When and how to use:

Devon Hills CalMag can be used in any system and any medium. Use daily, weekly or as required to cover any deficiencies. Use regularly throughout the veg stage and can be increased during the flowering stage for exuberant fruiting.

As with all bottles shake well first. Use a pipette to draw up the required ml per litre and add to your nutrient mix.

Use between 0.5ml - 1ml per litre.

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