Intense Nutrients Foundation for Roots

  • Intense Nutrients Foundation for Roots

Foundation for Roots provides rooted cuttings everything required for rapid healthy root growth. The formula created by Intense Nutrients will feed the beneficial microbes in and around the plants root zone and media. This will increase the plants root growth and ability to uptake nutrients which will in turn will contribute to a healthy plant with lush, vigorous growth at all stages.

How to use:

Shake bottle well before use, then using a pipette or measuring cup simply add the recommended dosage to every litre of water used.

 Where to use:

Foundation for Roots can be used in any Grow System and in any Growing Media.

When to use:

Use as soon as cuttings have rooted and stop using 2 weeks before harvest.

How much should I use:

The recommended dosage is between 0.5ml-4ml per litre of water. The dosage increases and decreases throughout the plants lifetime. Consult the Grow Schedule available online or in store from us.

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