Isomax/Rhino Pro Kits


All you need to assemble a top end, acoustic extraction kit.

Kit consists of:

  •  150/200/250/315mm Isomax acoustic fan which pulls a maximum of 410m³ (150mm) / 870m³ (200mm) / 1480m³ (250mm) / 2380m³ (315mm),
  • The 150/200mm come with a 3 speed step controller.
  • 150/200/250/315mm Rhino Pro carbon filter, (150/300) / (200/600) / (250/600) / (315/600)         
  • 5m of acoustic ducting
  • 3 ducting clips.
  • Pre-wired power lead, no plug.

How to assemble:

  1. Hang the carbon filter in desired location inside your grow room
  2. Divide the ducting into required lengths
  3. Locate one length of ducting to the carbon filter and secure with a ducting clip
  4. Position the fan and attach the other end of the ducting securing with a ducting clip
  5. Attach the final length of ducting to the other side of the fan and secure with the final ducting clip

Be aware of:

When positioning the fan look for the arrow, this indicates the direction of airflow.

Make sure the air is vented away from the grow room so not to allow the air to re-enter the room.

Always have more airflow leaving the grow room than entering it to maintain negative pressure.

Available Options

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