Krystal Carbon Filters

  • Krystal Carbon Filters

New In....Krystal Carbon Filters contain RC412 carbon which is the same carbon used in Rhino Filters which is believed to be one of the best to date at reducing unwanted odours. All Krystal Filters are have a 40mm carbon bed resulting in a lifespan of 18-24 months. The Australian mined carbon is packed into the lightweight aluminium housing which is great for hanging  and has been designed with an open mesh which allows for a greater airflow.

All Krystal Filters come complete with a filter sleeve which prevents larger particles from clogging the active carbon. Simply remove from packaging and slide the sleeve over the carbon filter and it is ready to connect your choice of ducting and then be hung in place. Normal hanging  position would be at the top of your desired location and opposite to where your air in fan is located.

With multiple sizes to choose from it is important to match the carbon filter to the correct extractor fan. Incorrect pairing can lead to a reduction in carbon lifespan. 

Available Sizes:

  • 100mm x 300mm (350m³/h)
  • 125mm x 300mm (500m³/h)
  • 150mm x 300mm (600m³/h)
  • 150mm x 600mm (900m³/h)
  • 200mm x 600mm (1125m³/h)
  • 250mm x 750mm (1750m³/h)
  • 250mm x 1000mm (1990m³/h)
  • 315mm x 1000mm (3280m³/h)

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