Maxibright Daylight 100w LED


Maxibright have delivered a high end LED at a reasonable price giving those who want to try LED lighting a chance to own a quality piece of kit that will do what the manufacturers claim. 

This extremely bright full spectrum 100w LED is a quality built product which can be used as stand alone unit or used as additional lighting. Delivers 2.63µmol per watt.

The Maxibright Daylight LED can be used throughout your plants life cycle from start to finish. Due to the heat dissipation design featured in the Daylight LED's growers can fill a space perhaps previously dismissed.

The 100w Daylight LED comes with its own small ballast which is supplied with a really long cable so not to restrict use in any way.

  • unit uses 100w
  • produces 2.63µmol per watt
  • 263µmol total
  • low heat
  • great price
  • comes with a 3 year warranty
  • single ballast per light
  • full spectrum for use from start to finish
  • extremely bright
  • quality built
  • plug and play

These LED units come ready to use. Simply hang and switch on. 

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