Maxibright Daylight Dimmable 300w LED


Maxibright have delivered a high end LED at a great price giving those who want to try LED lighting a chance to without draining finances. This extremely bright full spectrum 300w LED will cover a 1m x 1m area and is a quality built product which delivers 2.3µmol per watt.

The Maxibright Daylight LED can be used throughout your plants life cycle, from start to finish and as LED's can be too powerful for small plants the 5 dimmable settings come in handy. 

Due to the size of the Daylight LED's growers can fill a space perhaps previously dismissed and combined with the heat dissipation design these units produce very little heat and take up very little space.

Key Facts:

  • unit uses only 300w
  • produces 2.3µmol per watt
  • covers a 1m x 1m space
  • low heat
  • great price
  • comes with a 3 year warranty
  • dimmable settings 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100%
  • full spectrum for use from start to finish
  • extremely bright
  • quality built
  • plug and play

These LED units come ready to use. Simply hang, select your power setting and switch on. The Maxibright Daylight LED dimmer settings can be selected while the unit is on and will deliver an evenly distributed spread of full spectrum light so your plants have a chance of reaching optimum growth and health.

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