Mills DNA Ultimate Soil with Cork 50lt

  • Mills DNA Ultimate Soil with Cork 50lt

Mills and DNA have created Ultimate Soil to create a superior growing medium for all plants indoor and outdoor by combining high quality 100% natural Soil and Cork. The addition of Cork to the mix assists with rapid root development and higher aeration and water retention. 

Plants can maximise growth and flourish when potted in Mills Ultimate Soil with Cork and when used with Mills Nutrients plants will reach their full potential. Manufactured in Amsterdam and 100% natural for Organic or mineral growers.

All the cork used in the Mills Ultimate range is sourced in an environmentally sustainable way.

Key Benefits:

  • 100% natural soil and cork
  • increases vitality and potential
  • rapid root development
  • higher aeration levels
  • naturally enhances flavour and aroma
  • cork supply is fully sustainable
  • perfect for organic and mineral growers

How to use:

Mills DNA Ultimate Soil with Cork is fully pre-treated and screened for bugs so you need do nothing more than open the bag and fill your pots. As usual use a specific soil nutrient feed when using a soil growing medium. 

For a short time Ultimate Soil will provide everything your plant requires nutritionally but additional nutrients will be required. Mills DNA Soil can be used with all nutrient ranges but Mills Nutrients come highly recommended.

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