Ugo Carbon Filters


The manufacturers of Ugo carbon filters only use the premium 20% of carbon which goes through a stringent selection process made available by partnering with the worlds most respected carbon grading lab. This allows Ugo filters to contain the very best carbon available resulting in superior filtration, better airflow and a longer lifespan.

Every carbon filter arrives manufactured to the highest standards with top quality mesh housing and D-hooks to assist with hanging.

Each Ugo carbon filter has an expected 3 year lifespan providing the ultimate odour absorption every grower needs.

Airflow rating:

  • 100|300      340m³/h
  • 125| 300     425m³/h
  • 150|300      595m³/h
  • 150|600      935m³/h
  • 200|400      765m³/h
  • 200|600     1275m³/h
  • 250|600     1445m³/h
  • 250|1000   2880m³/h
  • 315|600     2040m³/h
  • 315|1000   3400m³/h

Available Options

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