Advanced Nutrients PH Perfect Coco Grow A&B 1lt

  • Advanced Nutrients PH Perfect Coco Grow A&B 1lt

For years, coco growers have known that their plants require additional calcium and magnesium to thrive. But even when you use supposedly coco-formulated nutrients or cal-mag supplements, mysterious deficiencies can – and often do – arise.

Now the research team at Advanced Nutrients has located the missing piece of the puzzle – the hidden flaw of most “coco” nutrients designed for this otherwise excellent growing medium … The limiting factor in coco, as it turns out, is iron. That’s right: Your high-value crops not only need extra calcium and magnesium for maximum performance in coco coir; they also need extra iron. This fact was unknown until now, which is why it’s not addressed in other so-called “coco-friendly” nutrients. It’s why the deficiencies still happen, despite your best efforts. Once again, the Advanced Nutrients plant PhDs have solved the problem for you.

Every pH Perfect Coco Base Nutrient is your hassle-free solution, completely removing all the obstacles to growing safely and productively in coco coir. Plus, when you use any Advanced Nutrients base nutrient, the pH Perfect® Technology inside automatically stabilizes and locks in your pH within the optimal range (called the ‘sweet spot’) of pH 5.5–6.3 – and keeps it there for one week.

Dilution rate: up to 4ml per litre.

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