Autopot 1 Pot Modules


The autopot system is a low maintenance high yield system designed to work with soil and coco. It is a gravity fed system so no pumps or timers are required, although we would recommend a pump to circulate the nutrient tank.

How it works:

Nutrient is stored in a tank which is raised off the ground allowing gravity to pull the nutrient through to an Aquavalve. The Aquavalve fills the bottom of the tray and shuts off. The plant then drinks all the nutrient before the valve opens and refills the tray. This creates on demand feeding for the plants. 

This system is so easy to use and set up and can be left for prolonged periods, depending on tank size. It is easy to expand your grow system by simply adding extra pots and pipe. A larger tank may be necessary.

The pots:

Unlike the 15lt pot which is all square the 25lt plastic pot is a square pot with a round bottom. Allowing for the plants to be rotated easier.

The 18.9lt smart pots are the newest addition to the Autopot range. The fabric smart pot allows extra oxygen to be available to the root zone leading to enhanced growth. The material allows the plants roots to pierce through enough for the end of the root to become air pruned. This leads to a fuller root zone by encouraging secondary roots to appear which in turn will increase nutrient uptake and overall plant vigour.

The 25lt pot and the 18.9lt pot use the same tray.


Place 1-2lt of clay pebbles in the bottom of the pot to prevent chosen medium becoming waterlogged.

 Kit contents:

15lt palstic pot

  • 15lt pot Tray and lid
  • Aquavalve
  • Marix mat
  • Root control mat
  • 6mm flexi pipe
  • Full instructions

20lt fabric pot

  • 20lt smart fabric pot
  • 25lt Tray and lid
  • Aquavalve 
  • Root control sock
  • 6mm flexi pipe
  • Full instructions

25lt plastic pot

  • 25lt Pot Tray and lid
  • Aquavalve
  • Root control mat
  • 6mm flexi pipe
  • Full instructions

Approx pot dimensions:

  • 15lt pot - 35cmx25cmx30cm
  • 20lt pot - 38cmx33cmx37cm
  • 25lt pot - 38cmx33cmx37cm

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