Bio Bizz Leaf Coat


Leaf·Coat™ is a ready-to-use product that can be applied to plants growing in soil, coconut substrate and rock wool up to two weeks before the end of the flowering period. Leaf·Coat™ is a product made from natural latex which was developed to restrain evaporation.

Within a few hours after application, a very thin elastic layer of 1.5 micron, which contains the nutritious elements for the plant, is formed on the leaves. Its effect will last for up to two weeks until it is decomposed by light or sunlight. This natural latex creates a protective, permeable, self-degradable layer on the leaf, while at the same time it allows the passage of air and light. This thin layer is however effective enough to protect the plant against pests and diseases.

Leaf·Coat™ is extremely suitable for use as an environmentally friendly alternative to pesticides. Leaf·Coat™ strengthens plants and gives them a powerful expelling effect on harmful insects. It also prevents damaging leaf fungi. It has a pleasant smell, contrary to synthetic and toxic products. It gives no irritations and can be used safely. This product has been inspected and certified as organic. Growers have experienced no detrimental effects on their crops: no sign of inhibited plant growth or toxic residues.

For use during the growth stage and up to 2 weeks before the end of the flowering stage.

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