Bio Bizz Root Juice


Root·Juice™ is a harmonious balance of premium humic and fulvic acids with seaweed. It has been especially formulated to organically promote vigorous root development and stimulate the biological life of the radicular system. The result – explosive growth!

Ideal for use with hydroponic or soil grown crops and in coconut substrate, it strengthens crops by increasing their resistance to diseases. Root·Juice™ is a 100% vegetable root stimulator that creates: An explosive root growth in already rooted plants through the stimulation of natural soil life surrounding the root system. A better yield due to the ability of the plant to accelerate the nutrient uptake. A higher resistance to high EC-values.

It produces a strong plant that is resistant to disease and insect attack.

For use during the early growth stage in hard and soft water areas.  

Dilution rate  1 - 5ml per litre

NPK 0.1 - 0.1 - 0.1

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