Canna Boost Accelerator

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For larger yields of tastier crops try Canna Boost Accelerator. Used for so long by so many growers you can be sure of the reputation of this tried and tested flowering booster. Canna Boost will increase overall crop size, quality and health of your plants.

Designed to work great alongside the Canna range of nutrients, boost can also be used with most other brands of nutrients. Recommended to use alongside Canna PK13/14 or any other PK booster.

The benefits include:

  • increase in yield size and quality
  • increased resistance to pest's and disease
  • can be used in hard and soft water areas
  • increased photosynthesis 
  • will complement any grow schedule
  • speeds up plant metabolism 

When to use Canna Boost:

Start to use as soon as you see the first flowers appear and continue to use throughout the flowering period.

How much to use:   

It is recommended that you use  between 2ml - 4ml of Boost per litre of water.

This product cannot be used with Liquid Oxygen or anything containing Hydrogen Peroxide.

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