• Cannacure

Cannacure is a  non toxic, fully biodegradable product designed to control plant pests and mildew. When you use you are applying a foliar feed and comprehensive pesticide and mildewcide at the same time. It coats the plants in a protective barrier which controls plant pests and mildew by environmentally friendly physical means and also stimulates growth as a leaf nutrient.

Can be used weekly as a preventative or can be used more frequently when you have heavy infestation of whitefly, spider mite or mealy-bug. It does not only control pests but prevents plants from having them. It is a very safe product and can be used without intervals between spraying and harvesting.

Dilution rate:

750ml:  is ready to use

1lt:  330ml per litre of water

About Spider mite: Spider mites are a pest in many crops. Their great reproductive capacity enables them to cause enormous damage in a short period of time. In many protected crops the two spotted spider mite Tetranychus urticae is the most important pest. In field crops, other Tetranychus species can also cause damage.  

Biology: The spider mite goes through five stages, namely egg, larva, first nymphal stage (protonymph), second nymphal stage (deutonymph) and adult. All stages can be observed in the crop.

Damage symptoms: Spider mite larvae, nymphs and adults feed on the underside of the leaves and cause a speckled effect which if left without treatment will only get worse. This results in decreased plant growth and production. Finally the crop may die from the infestation. Nymphs and adults produce webbing that can cause cosmetic damage to the crop. If large numbers of spider mites are present, plants may be completely covered with webs.

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