Devon Hills PK 13/14

  • Devon Hills PK 13/14

Plants during the flowering stage require additional minerals to help achieve maximum flowering potential. Devon Hills PK 13/14 contains the essential minerals Phosphorus and Potassium P and K.

When used at the right time at the right ratio PK 13/14 will add weight and size to your flowering crop.

Key benefits:

  • UK manufactured
  • helps cover deficiencies in flowering plants
  • increases crop weight
  • works perfectly in any medium and system
  • uses high quality minerals

How and when to use:

PK 13/14 should be used for the last 3-4 weeks of flowering and can also be used as an early dose PK to kick start the flowering process.

Always shake the bottle first. Using a pipette add to your mix at recommended dose. After adding all additives and base feed (A+B)   until the desired EC is reached finally adjust the pH.


Early flowering dose  0.5ml per litre use once a week

Last 3-4 weeks  0.5ml-1ml per litre every feed

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