Maxibright Digilight Pro Select Dimmable Digital Ballasts


The Digilight Pro Select from Maxigrow has been upgraded and is still a superb dimmable digital ballast which incorporates high quality components resulting in a very efficient and reliable ballast but has more features and power modes than its predecessor.

The ballast now has 6 power modes, the 600w has 250w, 250w super lumens (275w) 400w, 400w super lumens (440w) 600w and 600w super lumens (660w).

The 1000w has 400w, 400w super lumens (440w) 600w, 600w super lumens (660w) 1000w, 1000w super lumens (1100w). It is advisable to use a 400w lamp in 400w modes and a 600w lamp in 600w modes and so on.

It features soft start technology which prolongs lamp life, silent operation, RF shielded, flying lead IEC connections, runs sodium and metal halide lamps, low start up current. It comes with a  3 Year warranty, end of lamp life detection, short circuit protection, thermal protection, auto reset Diagnostic LED feature and a fast lamp re-strike dynamic frequency control.

Another benefit of the DigiLight Pro Select is the Surge Control Software. When you are running multiple ballasts on the same contactor/relay the intelligent software picks up on this and ignites each lamp in sequence rather than all lamps igniting at once to reduce electrical surges.

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