DR Lodge Rev 2.6 (90x120x145)


The Secret Jardin DR Lodge Indoor Grow Tent from Teignbridge Horticulture hydro shop is perfect for the indoor professional grower. The revision 2.6 L120 Lodge grow tent is suitable for both propagation and growth stages.

This multi stage tent has different chambers within allowing seeds, cuttings and a mother plant to be housed within one tent. There is a larger chamber to the left and a separate compartment to the right which can be separated by using the mylar sheeting provided or removed to use as one chamber. The right hand compartment has a shelf which can be used for seedlings or cuttings if needed.

Measuring 120cm wide x 90cm deep x 145cm high there's plenty of space for all your cuttings, seedlings and small plants. The L120 grow tent is manufactured with 95% reflective hammered effect Mylar fabric and has 16mm poles suitable for use with the Secret Jardin range of clip fans.

The tent has 2x 200mm extraction ports 1x 200mm air intake 2x 75mm cable port and 2x mesh intake with removable flaps and 1x removable viewing flap. It also comes complete with straps to hang a filter, hooks to hang lighting and clips to secure cables and attach netting if required.

The Secret Jardin DR Lodge 120 is ideal for our Maxibright T5 2ft x 2 tube or 2ft x 4 tube propagation lights or our Secret Jardin 26w or 42w T-Led propagation lights.

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