Dutch Pro Coco 50lt

  • Dutch Pro Coco 50lt

Dutch Pro have built up a very good reputation with our shop customers. We are pleased to stock their media. The coco is a high quality grow medium, is washed and cleaned from any pathogens, has high air-porosity & elevated drainage. Customers who have moved over to Dutch Pro Coco from Canna Coco have reported no real difference except they spend less per bag. 

NPK 15-10-20/Lime Perlite 2 -6 mm 50 % Black Peat/40 % White Peat/10 % Perlite Structure 0-20 mm pH-value (CaCI2) 5.3 – 6.0 EC 1.3

Product free of pathogens & organisms which are harmful to plants, animal and humans. 

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