General Hydroponics Diamond Nectar


A natural organic bio-stimulator By accelerating nutrient absorption at the root boundary zone where minerals enter the plant, small particle sized humic and fulvic acids optimize nutrient uptake in fast growing vegetation. Diamond Nectar is a mix of these acids with mostly fulvic but quite a bit of humic too, from a combination of unique Leonardite sources.

Soluble Humates (the humic and fulvic acids family) contain a myriad of natural plant growth promoting compounds plus nutrient enhancing ingredients. Fulvic acid enhances plant growth and yield. It improves uptake and utilisation of nutrients and minerals by growing plants. It transports nutrients to all plant parts: roots, stems, foliage, flowers and fruit. It affords growers the benefits of natural organic matter in a liquid form. In hydroponics and soilless cultivation, it helps create an environment closer to soil conditions.

Diamond Nectar is not a fertiliser. It is an additive to be used in combination with comprehensive nutrients like Flora-series. Combined with a conventional nutrition program, it leads to earlier harvests, healthier disease resistant plants and enhanced qualities of flavour, fragrance, essential oils, plus significantly higher yields.

For use during the growth and early flowering stages in soil, hydro, aero and coco in hard and soft water areas. 

Pour directly into the reservoir or use as a foliar spray.

Dilution rate: 20ml per 10 litres of water.                      

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