General Hydroponics FloraGro


Flora series is a 3 part nutrient which guarantees complete and perfectly balanced nutrition, rich in primary and secondary elements, as well as in essential microelements and organic buffers.

Having 3 parts to mix and match allows the grower to custom match the fertilizer to any specific plant typeIt allows you to match the needs of your plant through its different stages by changing the ratios between the liquids, as well as their concentration. FloraGro promotes a lush structural and foliar growth.

For use with FloraBloom and FloraMicro in soil, hydro, aero and coco throughout the growth and flowering stages in hard and soft water areas.

Dilution rate: between 2.5ml and 9ml per 10 litres of water, varying throughout the different stages.

N.P.K.  3 - 1 - 6

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