Maxiswitch Pro's are the newest contactors from the well known, reliable company Maxigrow. Contactors or relays are necessary when using HID lighting to prevent timers from burning out and leaving the lights on/off permanently. These upgraded pro versions use top-end components to give the user more confidence in one of the most important parts of your growing system.  

Features include:

  • Heavy duty GE contactor
  • Professional Grasslin timers
  • Rubberised moulded plug sockets
  • Handy hanging bracket
  • Switchable sockets

The Maxiswitch Pro 2 is rated for: 2 x 250w 2 x 400w 2 x 600w 2 x 1000w

The Maxiswitch Pro 4 is rated for: 4 x 250w 4 x 400w 4 x 600w 4 x 1000w                           (we recommend 3x 600w and 3x 1000w)

The Maxiswitch Pro 6 is rated for: 6 x 250w 6 x 400w 6 x 600w 4 x 1000w                           (we recommend 5x 600w)

The Maxiswitch Pro 8 is rated for: 8 x 250w 8 x 400w 8 x 600w 4 x 1000w                           (we recommend 7x 600w)

Available Options

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