Hydro Shoot 120 Digital Grow Tent Kit (120x120x200)


The Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot 120 Digital Indoor Grow Tent Kit from from Teignbridge Horticulture hydro shop contains quality components at an excellent price.

The HS120 Indoor Grow Tent kit contents:

  • Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot 120 Indoor Grow Tent 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m
  • Varidrive dimmable digital ballast 600w
  • Euro reflector
  • Maxibright Dual Spectrum lamp 600w
  • Ratchet hangers
  • Powerplant 13amp contactor
  • 125mm high power Maxifan including power lead
  • 125mm Rhino Hobby filter
  • 125mm Combi ducting 5m
  • 125mm Ducting clips x 3
  • 150mm Maxi Fan clip fan
  • Hygrometer Temp/Humidity guage
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