Coco growing medium is ground down coconut fibres screened and washed to remove all pests, viruses and salts to provide an oxygen-rich environment for plants to thrive. Our Coco is available in 50lt bags. Grow your plants successfully, and watch how your plants benefit from the environment Coco provides.

This collection of Coco includes items such as Canna Coco/Clay Mix 60/40, Canna Professional plus Coco 50lt and Dutch Pro Coco 50lt. All of our growing media is made from high-quality material and is packaged in durable packaging.

We have Coco that is made from 60% Coco and 40% clay pebbles and provides nutrient retention as well as adequate drainage. Our collection also features Coco that has 100% natural coco fibre as well as growing media that is free of pathogens.

If you need additional hydroponics equipment or growing products, or interested in growing plants, we can help. We have a wide range of high-quality products that can help your hydroponics process. Browse through our growing media today and stock your greenhouse.

We can provide more information about our growing media or have any questions about our hydroponics equipment or growing products, you can call our team on 01803 872 961 or feel free to get in contact.

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