Did you know that perlite is added to soil to retain extra water? Perlite has many benefits, but retaining water is one of them. You can also combine perlite with Coco mix, and it can improve oxygenation.

If you are growing seedlings indoors, you can use perlite in propagators, as it raises humidity levels and can decrease the chances of your cubes drying out rapidly.

All our perlite packs are made using high-quality material and are sealed in sturdy packaging. You can stock your greenhouse, ready to stretch your green fingers.

Our perlite packs are available in a different size, which makes it ideal for different sized greenhouse projects. You can buy 100lt bags for bigger projects, while our 10lt bag is perfect for smaller hydroponics projects.

Browse through our growing media today and stock your greenhouse. If you need additional hydroponics equipment or growing products, we can help. We have a wide range of high-quality products that can assist in the hydroponics process.

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