If you are looking for high-quality growing media that can be utilised in the hydroponics process, you have come to the right place. Our collection of Rockwool consists of products that are a mixture of melted rock and sand, which has been spun into thread and then compressed into various shapes.

Rockwool is known for the oxygen-rich environment it provides, which means that roots can thrive properly. The SBS24 SBS77 and SBS150 are a perfect choice for starting seeds or cuttings and can be combined with a seed and cutting starter feed to promote vigorous growth.

Our Rockwool is available in different sizes which makes it perfect for different sized projects and greenhouses. The Rockwool in each packaging varies, however, we have Rockwool that consists of 1cm Cellmax cubes, 4-inch cubes right up to 1-metre slabs.

Browse through our growing media today and stock your greenhouse. If you need additional hydroponics equipment or growing products, or interested in growing plants, we can help. We have a wide range of high-quality products that can help your hydroponics process.

If you require any more information about our growing media or have any questions about our hydroponics equipment or growing products, you can call our team on 01803 872 961 or you can get in touch.

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