Hesi PK 13/14


Plants have an increased need for phosphorus as well as potassium in the flowering phase, by applying PK 13/14 we completely fulfil this need. The flowering phase is the supreme point in the life of the plant. The metabolism is then working at full power and large quantities of enzymes are being produced for flowering.

Furthermore, the plant gets bigger and therefore needs more components. The specific substances that are responsible for this are phosphorus (enzymes and hereditary characteristics) and potassium (for the transport within the plant). To ensure that the plant is not unnecessarily loaded with ballast or an excess of salt too early.

Hesi PK 13/14 should be used starting from the second half of the flowering phase up to one week before the end of the cycle. The dosage is gradually increased over the final weeks of the flowering phase.

For use during the last half of the flowering stage with hydro and coco in hard and soft water areas. 

Dilution rate: between 2.5ml to 15ml per litre of water increasing at weekly intervals.

NPK  0.0 - 9.0 - 7.2 

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