Hesi Super Vit


SuperVit is a mix of 15 vitamins and 10 amino acids, that all play a large role in the metabolism of a plant. The vitamins and amino acids (vital substances) of SuperVit are the building blocks of, among other things, plant hormones, enzymes and chlorophyll. Plants can produce these building blocks themselves from minerals, but with Hesi SuperVit the plants are supplied with the vital substances in a ready-to-use form.

This saves time and energy. The energy that this saved is noticeable as an improvement in the growth and flowering and as optimal resistance and health. The flower production is boosted, the light absorption of the plant is improved, and the metabolism is accelerated. SuperVit activates growth and flowering hormones and is therefore suitable during all periods of the plant's growth cycle.  

Plants are healthier if they are taken care of by SuperVit! The end result-larger yield and stronger flowers!

For use during the growth and flowering stages with soil, hydro and coco in hard and soft water areas.

Dilution rate: 1 drop per 4-5 litres of water. 1ml per 65 litres of water.  

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