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Hesi TNT Complex is a very powerful growth supplement, which is easy on the plants. The nitrogen that is used in TNT is 100% organic. Organic nitrogen compounds have no EC value because they are not salts, but they do contain a high percentage of nitrogen. Therefore young plants are loaded with a minimum of salts, which creates ideal growing conditions. So, it appears that TNT Complex has a low EC value, but its degree of effectiveness is very high.

TNT Complex contains all necessary nutrients and has been enriched with many vital components (vitamins, amino acids, plant active sugars) which guarantee successful growth. Plants that are treated with TNT Complex develop a large number of growing points and become strong and powerful with a healthy green colour.

For use during the growth stage with soil and coco in hard and soft water areas.

Dilution rate: 2.5ml - 5ml per litre of water. NPK  3.0 - 2.0 - 3.0

Please be aware that due to the organic Nitrogen compounds used in TNT, the EC value when using a meter will appear low. For this reason Hesi recommend you should not base the doses of nutrition on EC levels. Simply use the recommended ml per litre of water as a guide to dilution rates.

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