House&Garden Coco A+B


Coco fibre growing medium is known for its capillary action, it retains water and nutrients for a long period of time. For this reason cultivation in Coco requires a very well balanced main feed. House & Garden's Coco Bloom feed provides your plants with all the essential minerals needed to produce large crops with superior aromas and flavours. Phosphorus is fixed into the nutrient, this is easily absorbed by the plant and will stimulate a successful blooming cycle. House & Garden Coco nutrient is a substrate specific nutrient which is highly concentrated. Consisting of two parts, an A and a B formula, all House & Garden base nutrients are manufactured using the highest grade mineral compounds. 

For use during the flowering stage in hard and soft water areas.

Dilution rate:  up to 4ml of A and 4ml of B per litre.

Recommended pH  5.8

NPK   (A)  4 - 0 - 3      (B)  1 - 3 - 6

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