House&Garden Stimulator 1 1lt

  • House&Garden Stimulator 1 1lt

House & Garden Stimulator 1 is a powerful root stimulator which encourages rapid root development in the early stages of your plant's growth. It takes care of nutrient transport within the plant and speeds up the cell-splitting process. Stimulator 1 contributes to an extensive system of healthy root stems and hair roots and protects plants roots against the harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses. Stimulator 1 also contributes to an improved root environment in the soil. This encourages enzymes, good bacteria and fungi to do their job, leading to a faster and easier absorbtion of the nutrients through the plants roots. As well as ensuring explosive root growth, House & Garden Root Stimulator 1 acts as an effective guard against root disease.

For use during the growth stage and into the flowering stage in hard and soft water areas.

Dilution rate: 1ml per litre of water.

NPK  0.5 - 0 - 0.1

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