House&Garden Shooting Powder 100g


Shooting Powder is a high strength PK booster. It shares the same active ingredients as Top Shooter, but is applied in powdered form. Used in the final stages of the flowering cycle, Shooting Powder forces a new stage of growth when the plants fruit is almost ready to be cropped. Some other flowering stimulators will add density to fruit but taste and aroma will be comprised. Because it adds a new layer of growth to each fruit, House & Garden Shooting Powder ensures a better end result without compromising the quality of your fruits. Shooting Powder can increase crops by up to 30%. When the plants have all the optimum conditions of heat, light and CO², this product will amaze the grower as it forms another set of flowers over the existing flowers, forming dense flowers like you have never witnessed before. Shooting Powder produces visible results quickly and is simple to use. For use during the last 3 weeks of the flowering stage in hard and soft water areas.

Dilution rate: Shooting Powder is a very strong flowering agent.  Use up to one sachet in the last three weeks before harvest and then two sachets in the final two weeks of the flowering stage. 

NPK  0 - 39 - 25

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