House&Garden Soil A+B

  • House&Garden Soil A+B

House & Garden Soil feed is designed to be used only in soil, it works well with their own soil mixes but equally well in other brands. House & Garden Soil feed is used all the way through growth and bloom. In order to enable plants to take full advantage of their food, soil nutrients require an extremely precise blend of minerals. The unique composition of House & Garden Soil feed ensures that mineral uptake within the plant is maximised. Consisting of two parts, an A and a B formula, all House & Garden base nutrients are manufactured using the highest grade mineral compounds.

For use during the growth and flowering stages in hard and soft water areas.

Dilution rate:  up to 5ml of A and 5ml of B per litre.

Recommended pH  6.8

NPK   (A)  2 - 0 - 2,    (B)  1 - 1 - 3

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