Canna Products | Canna Terra from Teignbridge Horticulture

Canna Terra is a range of substrates and nutrients supplied from Canna. It is developed to allow growers to produce yields both indoors and outdoors in pots and open pot mixes.

Teignbridge Horticulture offer a range of Canna Terra Products including:

Canna Terra Vega is Cannas' answer to a complete professional growers nutrient perfect for the plants growing phase. Specially

developed for growing plants in pots and pot mixes. Teignbridge Horticulture supply Canna Terra in 1lt, 5lt and 10lt containers.

Canna Terra Flores

Canna Terra Flores has been developed to maximise the plant on the flowering stage.

Just like Canna Terra Vega, it is designed to work best with plants in pots and potting mixes.

Advantages of using Canna Terra Products:

  • Expect Greater yields
  • Ideal for the professional and amateur grower
  • Nutrients from Canna Terra Products are absorber very fast
  • Vigorous growth and improved flowering

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