Our Shop offers a wide selection of products designed to support your commercial hydroponic needs. This process of growing plants without soil and instead with nutrient-rich, perfectly pH-balanced water produces a host of benefits. These include being able to grow plants anywhere and the added advantage of very little media waste. Many hobbyists and businesses are now choosing to move to this sterile alternative with all of its eco-friendly advantages including water use reduction and conservation. Here at Teignbridge Horticulture, our online collections are designed to fit your budget and requirements.

Here, you will find Propagation products to get your plants off to the very best start. These include everything from Lighting through to essential Accessories. Our Growing Media range includes organic Soils, professional-grade Coco and Clay Pebbles alongside much more. You'll find Grow Systems that can be installed alongside our Grow Lights alongside essential Nutrients and Additives to ensure you get the best yield. When it comes to professional plant growth, education and knowledge will give you the edge over the competition. We have a selection of Nutrient Management products designed to help you monitor your collection, including PH Meters and Calibration Solutions. And, our Grow Tent and Grow Tent Kits are designed for both large and small-scale projects.

Our collection brings together products that are designed for projects of all sizes. Our team has extensive experience in hydroponic horticulture and seeks to support those within our industry. If you have any questions about the products available in our Shop, please get in contact today.

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