MaxiFan RVK


Maxifans from Maxigrow are descent quality intake/extract fans using good quality components for trouble free ventilation. They include a fan hanging bracket and thankfully come pre-wired.

Maxifan 100mm/4" High Power:

- The 100L moves 280m³/h  27w

Maxifan 125mm/5" High Power:

- The 125L moves 400m³/h  60w

Maxifan 150mm/6" Low Power:

- The 150A moves 600m³/h  88w

Maxifan 150mm/6" High Power:

- The 150L moves 760m³/h  110w

Maxifan 200mm/8" High Power:

- The 200L moves 950m³/h  170w

Maxifan 250mm/10" High Power:

- The 250L moves 1300m³/h  285w

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