Maxiswitch 13A 4-way Internal Timer

  • Maxiswitch 13A 4-way Internal Timer

Contactors or Relays are an essential part of any grow room. The 13A 4-way IT differs from the standard Maxiswitch 13A 4-way as it has only one plug which goes directly into the mains socket. This is due to the Grasslin timer being inbuilt. The other end of the unit has a trailing socket which your ballasts are plugged into.

The amps that HID lighting creates are too high for standard timers to handle so the power is diverted away from the timer to the relay leaving the timer free to turn on/off your lights. Comes complete with inbuilt Grasslin timer.

Suitable for up to 4x 250w, 4x 400w, 4x 600w (we recommend 3x 600w) 2x 1000w ballasts 

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