Plant Magic Soil Grow

  • Plant Magic Soil Grow

The Plant Magic Soil Grow has been specially developed to promote fast growing, healthy, strong, high yielding fruit crops. This special blend contains humates, trace elements, Magnesium and Calcium all mixed at the correct proportions to ensure rapid, healthy growth. Both Magnesium and Calcium are vital in the uptake of important nutrients and trace elements (preventing“lock-out”) as well as creating a healthy plant right through to harvest.  

Both Plant Magic hard water and soft water have been developed in this range to ensure that the micro fauna (the beneficial micro herd that work constantly in your medium) can adjust it’s own pH more easily. This will result in a sweeter tasting, better yielding fruit crop.

Use Plant Magic Soil Grow Hard Water during the growth stage in hard water areas.

Dilution rate:  3ml to 5ml per litre

NPK   SW 2.3-0.4-3.1

          HW 2.0-0.4-3.0 

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