Rhino Silent Digital EC Fan Controller


Designed to complement the new Rhino Ultra Silent EC Fan range the Rhino EC Fan Controller will run up to 4 fans at the same time and can be used with compatible EC fans of other makes using the adapters provided. It comes with a thermostat probe which hangs in the grow room and constantly reads the air temperature and adjusts the fan speed to your pre-set perameters.

You can manually adjust the fan speed or let the controller do the work silently with no resistance or humming and no damage to fan bearings. The display will dim when not in use or by simply pressing a button the display will disappear while still running your fans at the set speeds.

The Rhino EC Controller connects directly to the fan drawing power from it so no need for a separate plug socket.

Key Facts:

  • runs up to 4 fans
  • thermostatically controlled
  • runs fans silently
  • easy to use just plug and play
  • no light leaks from display
  • connects directly to fan

How to use:

Provided you have hung your EC Fan and attached your chosen ducting simply attach the Rhino EC Fan Speed Controller directly to your fan and hang the thermostat in the desired position. Set the desired maximum and minimum temperatures and let the controller do the rest. We recommend having the minimum speed set on 1 which will allow the fan to reduce speed to a minimum when the lights are off.

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