Grow Systems

The right Grow System is invaluable to hydroponic growers. With a non-soil based method, it is vital that you create and maintain an optimal environment to ensure success. Growers must manage light, temperature and nutrient delivery accurately. And, the products available here in our online store will help you do that. We have a team of experts on hand who bring together recognisable brands and quality products. This ensures that no matter the scale of your growing set-up, we have something here to help.

Browse our collection here today. We stock Amazon Aeroponic systems that maximise air in the root zone. NFT RE-Circulating systems reuse the supplied water/nutrient solution to reduce waste. Those seeking a drip feed system can browse our Wilma range with everything from Drippers through to various-sized pots. If you're looking to automate your plant feeds, Autopot Gravity Feed systems are the best choice. Equally, our Oxypot DWC systems allow you to suspend plant roots in nutrient-right water solutions for easy set-up and fast-growing times. All of our Grow System categories provide everything you need to get set-up quickly. We also ensure prices stay competitive to suit any budget.

Our in-house team at Teignbridge Horticulture are passionate about supporting the efforts of hydroponic growers. We bring together products of the highest quality along with our expertise to help you make the right purchase. If you have any questions about our Grow Systems, get in contact today. We'll help you find everything you need.

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