Grow Tent Kits

Grow Tent Kits offer a comprehensive solution for your growing needs. They are the ideal choice for those just starting out in hydroponics, providing everything needed to get started. Here at Teignbridge Horticulture, we're passionate about supporting those interested in eco-friendly growth. Our online range of kits has been designed to do just this. You'll find a selection of options here today that meet your needs in terms of budget, quality and size availability. So, no matter if you're a commercial business or individual hobbyist, there is a grow tent here for you.

Browse our selection of Grow Tent Kits to find the right one for you. Our compact Digital Grow Tent Kits are manufactured by Secret Jardin and contain an extensive list of components. These include reflectors, lamps, power leads, filters and clips. Alternatively, we have a number of Magnetic Grow Tent Kits, also supplied with the components needed to build your set-up instantly. With every option available here, you'll find various prices while still achieving the same high-quality construction you expect.

Teignbridge Horticulture brings together hydroponics products and equipment for the professional and amateur grower. We have a team of experts on hand to provide advice, recommendation and tips to help you get the most out of your growth. If you have any questions about our Grow Tent Kits or have any questions about the products or services we provide, please feel free to get in contact. We strive to match you with the right product at the most budget-effective price.

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