Grow Tents

We have a wide selection of Grow Tents designed for use in hydroponics. Catering to indoor set-ups, they are available in a range of sizes to suit your commercial or hobbyist needs. These compact portable rooms create a stable growing environment for plants all year round which allows seeds and cuttings to germinate and grow effectively, especially those cultivated through hydroponics. The durable exterior pairs with a reflective inner material that enhances light reflection and helps to manage heat.

Browse our range of Grow Tents, available in our online store today. Our Dark Room range includes Secret Jardin Indoor Grow Tents that are ideal for the professional grower. These rooms are suitable for propagation, vegetative growth and the flowering stage allowing you to care for cuttings, seedlings and plants of all sizes.. They are easy-to-install, have separate air-in-air-out ports and can be assembled with propagation lights from our online stores. Alternatively, our Hydro Shoot Range has been designed to offer cost-effective quality. They are suitable for everything from propagation through to both veg and flowering growth. We stock a variety of sizes, all of which can be installed in seconds and combined with sheeting and lighting options.

The team here at Teignbridge Horticulture have extensive experience in hydroponics and unique, modern growth. We are passionate about supporting horticulture experts and bring together our comprehensive collections to do just this. If you have any questions about our Grow Tents, please get in touch with our team here today. We'll help you find the right product at the most budget-friendly price.

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