Growing Media

We have a wide collection of Growing Media products available to purchase online. When it comes to horticulture, it is vital that you have the right nutrients available to cuttings and seeds. And having the right growing media helps you achieve good growth and flowering. Our in-house team is passionate about supporting the work of both commercial and amateur growers. That's why you'll find an extensive selection of products available in our online store, including leading brands. We ensure every item is accompanied by a budget-friendly price, so you can choose the right product for your needs.

In our store, you'll find a selection of Soils including blends from Canna Terra, Dutch Pro, House & Garden and Plant Magic. Our Coco range offers a soilless growing medium which still provides the same environments as traditional soil. For Hydroponics we also have a number of Clay Pebble products for those focused on ecological sustainability and a reusable medium. You'll find a number of Rockwool products including Growcubes, Slabs and SBS Trays. And our Perlite range improves the flow of air and offers the ideal growing medium for hydroponic growers.

Our team here at Teignbridge Horticulture is passionate about supporting growers of all different experiences. This is why we aim to bring a wide and comprehensive range of Growing Media products in our online store. If you have any questions about hydroponics or the items available here today, please get in contact today.

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