If you are looking for additional or new hydroponics equipment or growing products, you have come to the right place.

Heaters are needed in the process of hydroponics to make sure the water you are using stays at a consistent temperature. Experts understand that the temperature of the water can determine the success rate of the plant.

We have a range of heaters in our collection, which can help your plants. We have greenhouse heaters such as tube heaters, fan heaters and water heaters. Our collection also features oil-filled radiators and wireless thermostat to keep track of your greenhouse temperature.

Browse through our heater collection today, and see how they can help your plants grow.

If you are interested in growing plants or need additional hydroponics equipment or growing products, we have an array of high-quality and durable products that can help. We have competitive prices on grow lights, nutrients and hydroponics systems.

If you require additional information about Teignbridge Horticulture or have any questions about our hydroponics equipment or growing products, you can contact a member of the Teignbridge Horticulture on 01803 872 961.

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