Our Irrigation range allows you to effectively distribute water out to hydroponic-grown plants. All of the items here have been chosen for their quality and ability to serve both commercial and hobbyist growers. In hydroponics, irrigation is vital for providing plants with necessary water required for transpiration. Additionally, it helps to maintain high oxygen levels in the roots and promotes successful growth. The products we collate in our online store are approved by the Teignbridge Horticulture team who pride themselves in supporting the eco-friendly growth of essential crops.

Available in our store, you'll find items such as Dripper Heads and Dripper Kits that are compatible with more run-to-waste systems. We stock a selection of Valves, Filters and Connectors to help you build a comprehensive irrigation system. You'll find competitive pricing throughout our collection, combining exceptional quality with versatile designs that can be used for large and small-scale projects alike. In any set-up, you'll be able to effectively deliver a balanced nutrient solution to your plants through the water used. We have a range of hydroponic products available in our online store to suit every budget and requirement.

Teignbridge Horticulture are experts in hydroponics and supply products to support horticulturalists within our industry. Our team of in-house experts support us in creating an online store filled with cost-effective, versatile and long-lasting items. If you have any questions about our Irrigation range, feel free to get in contact today for more information.

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