Plant Health

Any passionate horticulture grower understands the importance of Plant Health. Well-cared-for crops are vital to profits for commercial businesses and also allow you to see true results when embarking on new ventures. Our online range of Plant Health products have been designed specifically for hydroponic growers and manufactured to improve the resulting yield. We supply products both commercially and to independent hobbyists, with a range of prices and high-quality durability at all times. In our online store, you will find everything you need to keep your crops healthy and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Browse our selection below. We have Hand Sprayers to improve moisture retention and humidity. For exceptional root, leaf and bud health, we have growth supplements that make use of naturally-occurring bacteria to improve nutrient uptake. You'll also find Plant Invigorators to breath life back into your plants alongside products such as Superthrive which are renowned for their exceptional results. For those looking to monitor the success of their efforts using advancing technology, we have Phonescope Lenses that are compatible with smartphones and allow you to easily identify common plant problems.

The team here at Teignbridge Horticulture are all highly experienced in the world of hydroponics. We work hard to collect a selection of the most effective and essential products, helping our customers to achieve the desired results. If you have any questions about our Plant Health products or would like to enquire about a specific problem, get in contact here today.

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