Pots and Saucers

Choosing the ideal Pot and Saucer combination will help ensure you yield strong and healthy crops. In our online store, we have a selection of designs available. Whether you're looking for lightweight options that can be moved easily or more hardwearing choices for longevity, you'll find them here. All of our pots and sauces have been manufactured from quality materials and are individually designed for horticulture.

Browse our online range here today. You'll find Propagation pots that create the perfect environment for healthy early growth. We have a number of Heavy Duty Mesh Pots for use with Hydroponic systems. If you're looking for Square Pots with matching Saucers, we sell them in various sizes from 2 litres to 25 litres with Autopot 15 litre options. For optimal air prune root growth, AirRAP Pots are manufactured by Nurticulture and help to increase root development speed. And, alongside these, you'll find SmartGro Fabric Pots and Root Pruning Pots that allow the air to prune roots and maintain an optimal temperature. All of our pots and saucers are chosen for their quality and ability to suit any budget.

The team here at Teignbridge Horticulture are experts in our field. If you have any questions about our Pots and Saucers or any of the other products available in our online store, get in contact today.

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